50th Anniversary revisit to the 1970 Range Rover Press Launch area – CANCELELD

Maenporth Road, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5HT

50th Anniversary revisit to the 1970 press launch area

At Meudon Hotel

Maenporth Road, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, Cornwall, TR11 5HT

Dave Murray, Devon & Cornwall Area Rep / devoncornwall@rrr.co.uk


This show has been cancelled, due to Coronavirus


Many of you will know that the press launch for Range Rover took place nearly 50 years ago, in 1970. Land Rover's chosen location for the event just happened to be Cornwall. To commemorate the event the Devon & Cornwall division of the Range Rover Register are holding a ‘50th Anniversary Drive Out’ on Sunday 31st May 2020.


The plan is to start off with a hearty breakfast at the Lifton Farm Shop and Restaurant, Lifton, PL16 0DE which is just on the Devon and Cornwall border. We know the food is good as we hold our monthly club meets there. After breakfast we will make our way down through Cornwall picking up some of the places that the original press release vehicles visited ending up for a 3 course lunch at the Meudon Hotel, Falmouth.


Land Rover used the Muedon Hotel and its stunning grounds and own private beach as its main base for the press launch week. If any of you have previously had the privilege of visiting the Hotel you will know that most of the original character of the place hasn’t really changed in the last 50 years. Hopefully this will offer us an opportunity to grab some great photo’s using some of the original scenery.


After lunch the tour of the county will continue picking up more of the previous test routes (During the last 50 years some of the ground used for the original testing of the vehicles has been made an Areas of Oustanding Naturally Beauty so we won’t be able to have direct access to them, however we will get as close as we can). The finer details of the route are still being worked on, however I can tell you the final part of the road trip will see participants heading back towards the Devon & Cornwall border.


If you wish to join in I would recommend that you contact the Meudon Hotel 01326-25054, or wecare@meudon.co.uk and reserve yourself a table. Tell them that you will be joining the Range Rover Register event and they will try to make sure we are all seated together. This is a very popular hotel for Sunday lunches so tables will be on a first come first served basis (there isn’t a massive car park either so parking spaces will be reserved for hotel guests and those that have booked a table only).


Mrs Gaye Wood currently owns the Meudon Hotel, which was under her father's ownership 50 years ago when the press Launch took place. Gaye has fond memories of the press launch, if you catch her when she has a quiet few minutes she will happily chat about what went on. Gaye and her father are proud that the hotel was used as a base for the press launch 50 years ago and are delighted to be asked by the Range Rover Register to integrating the hotel into such an important commemorate event.


For those of you travelling from further afield there are many hotels, B&B’s and campsites near the starting point, if you would like some recommendations then please drop a line to Dave Murray, the Devon & Cornwall Area Rep (details in the Members Only section).


We await confirmation from the local Land Rover main dealer that they wish to get involved as well as various members of the motoring press.


If this sounds like an event you would like to join in on then please contact Dave Murray, the Devon & Cornwall Area Rep (details in the Members Only section).


Further information will be posted here as soon as we have details.

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